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    Hunters Element clothing is designed to be worn in any configuration giving you maximum flexibility and unlimited options for all hunting situations year round.  WE can't control the elements but we can control how comfortable we are with Hunters Element System Wide Compatibility.

    LayeringIllustration PrimeLayer Layer 1: Prime Layer
    This is the essential base layer for all Hunters Element gear. This prime layer is used for moisture control.
    QUALITIES: comfortable next to skin, dries fast, warm in winter/cool in summer, wicks moisture away from your skin, high breathability, low odour.
     FurnaceLayer Layer 2: Furnace Layer
    This mid layer is used for warmth management.
    QUALITIES: warm, high breathability, quick drying, high loft, low odour, durable.
     BarrierLayer Layer 3: Barrier Layer
    This outer layer is used for wind and rain control.
    QUALITIES: windproof, waterproof, quick drying, packable, DWR treated to minimise fabric saturation.



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