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    Gaiters FAQ

    Gaiters are a shield around your lower leg and ankle that keeps all the bits out of your boots. Gaiters protect you from debris, wild weather, and add protection from cuts and scrapes to your lower legs.

    Ankle gaiters like our XTR pinnacle puttie offer protection from the bottom of your trousers to the top of your footwear. Often used for weather that isn’t too harsh or wet. Great for keeping all the bits out of your boots and adds protection from cuts and scrapes to your lower legs.

    Mid-length gaiters like our Gravel Guards sit around calf length. These are great for rainy days, keeping gravel grit and rain out of your boots. debris and rain out of your boots. 

    Full-length gaiters like our Basin gaiters offer the ultimate protection and comfort while out on hardcore expeditions. Protecting you from harsh vegetation, rugged terrain, water and wet conditions.

    Simply put, Gaiter wires need to be fitted to the boot. Everyone’s boots are a little different, so it can be very difficult to get a gaiter wire that fits all boots properly with each size gaiter. 

    Having separate Gaiter wires allows you to get the best performance out of your gaiters by having them properly fit both you and your boots.

    Your wire length depends on three things: the type of boot, the size of the gaiter, and your legs. To determine the best length for your needs, start by putting your gaiter on your boot and then measure from one webbing tab that holds the wire, following down under the boot to the webbing tab on the opposite side.

    Please remember that gaiters will not fit in the same position on every boot. Lightweight boots are less bulky than a high country or alpine boot; this will affect how high the gaiter sits on the boot.