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Mid-layer pants FAQ

The legacy trouser is water-resistant and treated with a PFC-free Durable Water Repellent. It will shed out light rain, but as a mid-layer, it is designed to be paired with an outer layer (such as our Odyssey Pants V2, Downpour Elite Trouser, or Atlas Pants) which are waterproof and designed to handle heavy rain. 

The Hunters Element range is based on a 3-layer system: base layer, mid-layer and outer layer. These mid-layers are designed to be worn above our base-layers (such as the Core or Core+ range) and underneath our outer-layer pants which are designed to withstand extreme elements (such as our Odyssey Pants V2, Downpour Elite Trouser, or Atlas Pants).  

All three layers used together ensure you warm up, cool down and stay dry for superior performance in the field. The fabric technology in each layer has been thoughtfully designed to best regulate your temperature, breathe out excess heat and sweat, and keep you protected from the harsh elements.

Our base layers, mid-layers and outer layers are designed to be paired with each other – so the sizing has been graded to accommodate that. We recommend buying your usual pant size when choosing your mid-layers.