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    Browse through our frequently asked questions to find helpful information about our products, shipping, returns, and more. You can find category-specific FAQs on our ‘choosing your’ pages found in our ‘Explore’ menu.

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    Orders, Shipping & Delivery

    If you notice that your parcel isn't progressing in transit, we recommend reaching out to AUS Post directly. They are equipped to provide you with the most accurate and timely updates. 

    While we're also available to assist you with this process, please note that our response time may be slightly longer.

    If your tracking code appears to not exist or is not working on the couriers' tracking page, please try refreshing after a few hours, as sometimes the error is at their end. If this fails, please contact us.

    You'll receive a confirmation email containing the tracking number as soon as your order is dispatched.

    If your tracking code appears to not exist or is not working on the couriers' tracking page, please try refreshing after a few hours, as sometimes the error is at their end. If this fails, please contact us.

    We can not guarantee cancellations or changes to orders before they are dispatched. Before checking out we recommend double-checking your order. 

    We will try our best to implement your changes if we catch your order in time, but we can not guarantee this. Our Australian warehouse team are quick to process and pack orders, so we recommend giving us a call ASAP.

    Yes, we do, however, you need to order from the relevant website.  For New Zealand customers please visit Hunters Element NZ and for international customers please visit Hunters Element INT if you are not automatically redirected. 

    Certain orders may be subject to import duties, taxes and additional fees from the carrier or the country customs. These costs are the responsibility of the customer.

    Our standard delivery timeframe is 2-5 working days from dispatch during off-peak times. However, during peak seasons such as Christmas and sales events, please anticipate potential delays as we handle increased volumes.

    Simply use the recipient's address as the delivery address during checkout. 

    Please note that we do not currently provide gift-wrapping services, so the items will arrive as a standard order. It's a good idea to notify the recipient in advance so they can anticipate the delivery.



    You can find our returns policy here

    For online orders, submit a return request here. Please await approval from our team, as you'll be assigned an RA (Return Authorisation) number.

    Once your return request is accepted, you'll receive instructions on how to send back the item(s). If you're looking for an exchange, we'll provide store credit upon receiving the returned gear, allowing you to select the size or item you need.

    Please note that shipping and handling charges will not be refunded for returns or repairs unless there was an error on our part in the shipment of your order.

    If you're seeking a refund, it will be processed back to the original payment method used to purchase the gift voucher.

    Unfortunately, online purchases are not exchangeable or returnable at your local store, they must be done through the online process.


    Yes, typically repairs made outside of authorised channels can void your warranty. However, we evaluate each case individually to determine the best course of action.

    No, you do not. However, you must be able to provide proof of purchase, and we recommend registering your gear to make this process faster if you need it.

    Products, stock & sizing

    For inquiries regarding restocking specific sizes or items, please contact us via email at

    You can find our sizing and fit guide here. For size charts specific to the products, please find those on their corresponding product page. 

    Body measurements vary widely; people with the same measurements can fit garments differently. By comparing garment measurements to your favourite items or your measurements, you can find the size that best fits your needs.

    Payments, Promos & Gift Vouchers

    We offer a variety of convenient payment methods to suit your preferences.

    You can pay securely using Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal. Alternatively, take advantage of our instalment options with Afterpay, Laybuy, or Zip for added flexibility.

    Our gift vouchers are available exclusively online and can only be used on the site where they were purchased. You can find our Australian gift vouchers here.

    1. Select the desired amount to load onto the voucher.
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    At this time you cannot schedule the voucher time it is sent to the recipient, they will receive it as soon as the transaction is completed. 

    For international recipients: 

    New Zealand


    We do offer sales throughout the year, so keep an eye out for them!  Additionally, if you're searching for discounted items, be sure to explore our outlet for great deals. 

    We recommend signing up to our email mailing list to be the first to know when we run sales.

    We do not offer non-electronic gift vouchers.

    Technical Products

    You can find some helpful tips to get the most out of your gear on our product care page.

    We put our gear through extreme conditions and cleaning it when you finally get home is usually the last thing you want to do.  A bit of extra love after the hunt can add years to your high-performance gear, not to mention the hundreds or thousands of dollars you can save, all while contributing to sustainable consumption!

    PFC DWR stands for Perfluorinated Compound Free Durable Water Repellent.

    Perfluorinated Compounds (PFC) are chemicals commonly used in waterproof outdoor apparel as well as many more common household items such as nonstick cookware and paints. We aren’t fans of the by-products that come from using these chemicals and their impact on the environment.  

    All DWR used in the Hunters Element range are PFC-free, and you can read more about our choice to use this type of PFC-free DWR here.

    Our waterproof jackets and pants are also made breathable through a second-generation style of construction, where three layers of fabric are bonded together: 

    1. The outside face fabric is strong and quiet and treated with a PFC-free durable water repellent.  
    2. The middle membrane wicks away sweat from your body with its hydrophilic properties (meaning, it loves water). 
    3. The inside layer is a fine tricot mesh that sits against your body, providing comfort for you and protection for your jacket against high-friction areas.  

    The middle membrane’s hydrophilic properties effectively wick sweat and moisture off your body, and this moisture then beads, and evaporates up through the outer layer of fabric – driven by the difference in temperature and air pressure between the inside of the jacket, and the outside world.  

    As this middle membrane loves moisture, it is important to ensure the outside layer has its DWR maintained over the life of the jacket and pants, so the moisture continues to effectively move (and stay) from the inside to the outside.  

    We use Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) waterproof testing on our range.  

    JIS testing involves a specific machine that simulates Hydrostatic head testing.  It uses pressure and water to see how resistant a fabric is to water ingress.  A piece of our fabric is clamped and sealed in the test rig, water pressure is gradually increased against the outer face of the fabric until the fabric begins to fail and leaks appear. 

    The pressure is measured and recorded at this point. PSI, KG/cm2 and MM (Hydrostatic Head) are all units of pressure that these machines can typically produce. 

    Fabric is considered waterproof if it can withstand over 2,000mm. The average pressure of rainfall is between 1,000 – 2,000mm.

    The breathability testing expresses results in the number of grams of moisture that is wicked and evaporated through one square metre of fabric, in 24 hours. The higher the number, the better the breathability. A rating of 8,000g/m2/24hrs is considered a good breathability rating for outdoor use. 

    A layering system while hunting involves wearing multiple layers of clothing designed to provide insulation, moisture management, versatility and protection from the elements. It typically consists of three main layers: the base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer.

    • Base Layer: This layer is closest to your skin and is responsible for managing moisture. It should be made of moisture-wicking material to draw sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. In cold weather, a good base layer also provides some insulation.
    • Mid-Layer: Provides warmth by trapping heat close to your body. This layer can consist of fleece jackets, down vests, or synthetic insulated jackets. The thickness of the insulation layer can vary depending on the temperature and your activity level.
    • Outer Layer: The outer layer acts as a barrier against wind, rain, and snow. It should be waterproof, windproof, and breathable to keep you dry from both external moisture and sweat. It also protects you from terrain obstacles encountered while out on a hunt. 

    Overall, a clothing layering system is essential for hunters to stay comfortable, dry, and safe while pursuing game in various outdoor conditions and terrain.

    The roar is all about cold wet days, followed by hot dry days and everything in between. On top of this, you have to be wrapped up in gear that will keep you extra quiet, and extra hidden.

    Your base layers should be light and breathable; the high-wicking Eclipse range is perfect for the warmer days, and the Core range for the colder days.

    Your mid-layer top should be a medium weight for this time of year, although, you may need to go heavier some days. The Zenith series or Legacy Jacket is ideal. Spur pants are perfectly fitted to all the conditions that autumn will throw at you.

    Your outer layers will see quite a bit of use during the roar thanks to wet bush and windy days. It's particularly important this time of year that you move quietly with your rain gear. The Odyssey range is ideal for this, and the Downpour Elite range will come in a close second.

    Duck shooting is all about the chilly pre-dawn hours to the increasing heat of daylight. Hunters must navigate these shifts in temperature while ensuring they remain equipped with gear that not only keeps them warm and dry but also extra quiet and concealed

    Your base layer should be a thick and extra-warm foundation. The CORE+ base layers have thermal properties that effectively retain the body's core heat at the highest level in icy conditions while allowing sweat to be quickly wicked away from the skin. This next-to-skin layer will keep you warm when setting up decoys in the frozen dark and will efficiently wick away sweat when the late morning sun starts to bring the heat.

    The Legacy Jacket is the ideal mid-layer.  It's remarkably warm yet breathable, remaining quiet, soft, and effectively blocking out about 90% of the wind. The Legacy features three large pockets for shells and callers, along with a cosy hood and collar to ensure warmth and coverage on those frosty mornings.

    Your outer layer should be lightweight and ultra-quiet. The Downpour Elite Jacket features two lower billowed pockets capable of accommodating a couple of boxes of 12g cartridges, as well as a hidden chest pocket for callers or cell phones. It not only looks good but also provides breathability and all the essential features, and most importantly, it's highly waterproof.

    We all know the power of a deer’s nose. However, they also can detect UV in clothing which stands out similarly to how humans see blaze orange. 

    Deer have red-green colour blindness, so they struggle to perceive the colour orange as vividly as humans do. This allows hunters to remain highly visible to each other without significantly affecting their ability to hunt deer. This colour stands out prominently against natural backgrounds, making it easier for hunters to spot each other and reduce the risk of accidental shootings.

    Learn more about deer vision here and the science behind our Desolve Veil and Desovle Fire camo.

    Performance fabrics offer a range of advanced functionalities that natural fibres like cotton and wool cannot match. 

    While cotton absorbs moisture, it tends to retain it, leading to discomfort during extended wear. On the other hand, wool provides insulation but lacks moisture-wicking properties, making it less suitable for activities requiring physical exertion.

    Body mapping is a design technique where various fabrics, fit, and features are strategically selected and positioned on a garment to optimise performance across different parts of the body. This method allows for fine-tuning adjustments to maximise garment performance, integrating human anatomy and movement into the design process. 

    We use body mapping to achieve:

    1. Maximised Temperature Regulation: By placing more breathable fabrics in high-sweat areas such as the underarms and upper back, we ensure optimal comfort during physical activity. Explore our Eclipse series and Core Range products to see this in action.

    2. Greater Flexibility: We tailor garments with extra volume or room around joints like elbows and knees and incorporate gussets in areas like underarms and the crotch to enhance comfort and range of motion. Take a look at our outer-layer pants to see this in action.

    3. Enhanced Durability: Utilising hard-wearing fabrics in high-impact areas such as cuffs, shoulders prone to backpack strap abrasion, and knees, we prioritise longevity without compromising performance. Check out examples of this durability in our Deluge series and our Bush Coat Full-Zip and Half-Zip.

    Through body mapping, we engineer garments that not only adapt to the body's needs but also excel in various environmental conditions, ensuring unparalleled performance and comfort.


    You can find Hunters Element in many retailers throughout Australia. Our store locator can help you find your closest one. 

    Our New Zealand retailers can be found here

    If you are interested in becoming an official distributor of Hunters Element, please contact us.

    We currently have an epic group of men and women in our pro-team, and while we're not actively recruiting at the moment, your enthusiasm doesn't go unnoticed. If we decide to expand our team in the future and we think you could be the right fit, we will reach out to you. 

    That’s epic we love seeing the adventures made in Hunters Element! Make sure to tag us on Instagram @hunterselement so we can see your adventures. 

    To ensure suitable stock, faster deliveries and lower shipping costs for you we have different warehouses. These operate separately to help provide you with the best shipping experience possible. 

    You can find our T&Cs here!

    If you’re interested in Hunter's Element sponsoring your team/event please contact our team via the Contact Us page. 

    We primarily sponsor hunting and conservation events, so please include details about how your event meets these criteria. We will review your submission and get in touch if we can provide sponsorship. Due to fluctuating demand, we cannot guarantee sponsorship for every enquiry

    Have you taken your kit for a spin? We want to hear how it went for you! Here's how our product review system functions once you've placed an online order with us:

    • Take your new kit for a spin: We want you to have ample time to experience our kit thoroughly. After receiving your order, take a few weeks to test them out if you can. 
    • Review Time: Keep an eye on your inbox! After a couple of weeks, we'll send you an email containing links to review the products you've purchased.
    • Share Your Thoughts: Click on the provided link to share your thoughts. How'd the gear perform? Where'd you go? What did you do? And more importantly - did you get the shot? Your honest feedback helps us improve and assists fellow customers in making informed decisions.

    Cheers for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

    We take sustainability seriously here at Hunters Element and are always working towards improving and continuing our efforts. You can read about our current sustainability practices here.

    We are thrilled to have partnered with Unifi® and REPREVE®, the world's leading recycled fibre manufacturer, since 2019 to make our technical hunting fabrics out of recycled plastic bottles. As the first hunting company in the world to use REPREVE® recycled fibres, we have helped them recycle over 20 billion plastic bottles, and counting.

    Learn more about Repreve and how it works.

    RPET, which stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a fibre crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Brands such as REPREVE® and other GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified brands utilise this material to manufacture recycled fabrics.