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  • Autumn hunting's all about the Rut. Cold wet days, followed by hot dry days and everything in between. On top of this you have to be wrapped up in gear that will keep you extra quiet and extra hidden. There's no bigger rush on the planet than the sound of a booming stag, meters away in the bush, so get ya kit sorted, get those vocal cords warmed up and cash in that annual leave.

    Build your system

    Your autumn layering system requires the standard three layers.

    Your base layer should be light; the high wicking Eclipse range is perfect for the warmer days and the Core range for the colder days. Your mid layer top should be a medium weight for this time of year. The Zenith series or Legacy Jacket are ideal. Spur pants are perfectly fitted to all the conditions that autumn will throw at you. Your outer waterproof layers will see quite a bit of use during the roar thanks to wet bush and windy days. It's particularly important this time of year that you go quiet with your rain gear. The Odyssey range is ideal for this and the Downpour Elite range will come in a close second.

    This autumn layering system will see you right from morning to night so you can explore further and hunt longer.