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For day hunts and short excursions, a pack with about 15-45L is the ideal size for the essentials like water, extra layers and snacks to see you through. Check out the 15L Vertical Pack, 25L Canyon Pack, 35L Boundary Pack, or our Arete frame paired with the Arete 25L Pack or Arete 45L Pack.  

Overnight hunts generally require 35-65L packs, and need to accommodate a sleeping bag, tent, cooking supplies and extra clothing. Our Arete frame paired with the 45L Arete Pack is the ideal choice for this type of hunt.  

Longer, multi-day excursions require 65L or more so you can carry additional food and supplies in. Our Summit Pack comes in 65L and 85L versions, and our Arete Frame paired with the 75L Arete pack has been cleverly designed for this type of hunt.

Our packs are made from water resistant materials, such as WaterTEC™ DRYstealth™ fabric (Vertical Pack), Hydrafuse™ StealthSHELL™ (Canyon Pack and Fluid Pack) or the Hydrafuse™ Drystealth™ HD fabric (Summit Pack). These advanced fabrics effectively repel light rain and moisture while staying quiet and strong.  

All our packs (except the Fluid Pack) come with an included waterproof rain cover in blaze orange, to effectively waterproof your gear from heavier rain.  

Cordura® is the industry leader in hardwearing, bomb-proof material. It is resistant to abrasions, tears and punctures so it’s ideal for using on open, rugged terrain.  

You’ll see this fabric on our Arete packs in the Stone Green colour, and the base of the Desolve® Veil™ colour.