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  • It's cold, wet and just a bit shit outside over the winter months, but, there's plenty of good hunting to be had. Stags still have antlers, Tahr and Chamois are rutting, and there's always meat to be collected. So wrap yourself up in the warmest and driest gear, and go get into it.

    Build your system

    Your winter layering system requires the standard three layers but in a lot of situations you'll need to add a fourth. 
    Your base layer should be insulating; the high wicking Core+ range is perfect for this. Your mid layer top should be light but warm for this time of year. The Zenith series or Legacy Jacket are ideal. As the days get really cold, you'll want to add an insulation jacket over the top of this. The Glacier or Permafrost are what's needed here. Spur pants are perfectly fitted to almost all the conditions that winter will throw at you, however if you're hitting freezing levels, the Legacy Trousers are the go to. Your waterproof layers will see plenty of use during winter. The Atlas range is perfect for the Alpine Rut country and the Odyssey will keep you quiet in the lower country. 

    This winter layering system will see you right from morning to night so you can explore further and hunt longer.