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  • It's all about controlling sweat and resisting burn through the summer hunting season. The sun will sap the energy out of you and climbing hills and carrying meat can get really hard really quick. But, the daylight hours are long, the animals are fat, and there's no better time to have fresh backstraps ready for the BBQ.

    Build your system

    Your summer layering system still requires the standard three layers, although you will spend 80% of the time in just one.

    Your base layer should be light; the high wicking Eclipse range is built for this. Your mid layer top should be a medium weight for this time of year, although it won't get all-day use, it's still needed for morning and evening. The Zenith series or Legacy Jacket are ideal. Eclipse pants or Spur pants and shorts are perfectly fitted to the hot conditions in summer. Your outer waterproof layers will see little use in summer, but you have to carry them with the unpredictable nature of the New Zealand weather. You can get away with ultra-light and packable options though. The Halo and Storm jackets are so small and light that they'll disappear in the bottom of you pack but save your ass when needed.

    This summer layering system will see you right from morning to night so you can explore further and hunt longer.